Why Self-Care Actually Leads to Abundance

Did you know that a dedicated practice of self-care can actually lead to more abundance?

abundance - jianiteo websiteApproximately 10 years ago (before I even knew about the Law of Attraction, manifestation, and abundance), I suffered from a very unhealthy habit known as “self-sacrifice”.

I was good at “giving to others” but not so good at “receiving for myself”.

As a result, I was stressed-out, burnt-out and energetically depleted more often than not.

AND, because I wasn’t consistently taking care of myself, I wasn’t able to foster, build, and grow the energy I needed to attract what I wanted with ease.

As I started to learn about the various energetic laws of the Universe, I realized that by NOT taking care of myself I was inadvertently blocking abundance from coming into my life!

Did you know that there are actually spiritual laws of the universe that aid us ALL in manifesting and attracting what we desire?

AND, did you know that the practice of self-care can greatly enhance this ability?

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about these energetic & spiritual laws and found that there are 3 main components of abundance that must be considered for a person to manifest with more ease and grace.

To help you learn how self-care can actually lead to abundance I’d like to share with you these 3 main components of abundance that I’ve learned, which are as follows:

  1. Your ability to receive. This represents your willingness to receive abundance with gratitude and grace (instead of resistance and unworthiness). With this ability in place you are energetically telling the Universe that you are “worthy” of abundance instead of resisting it’s efforts to bring you what you desire. For example, if someone gave you a compliment, a gift, or a monetary offering would you accept with gratitude and grace? Or would you feel resistant to accepting that gift because you’re worried that the other person wants something in return. Or concern that the compliment, gift, or offering they are giving you is “too much”?
  2. Your ability to build & sustain. This represents your ability to foster, build, and grow any abundance that comes your way. Without this level of self-discipline in place you are energetically telling the Universe that you only want abundance if it’s “easy”. Although manifesting and attracting CAN be easy, it often requires at least some amount of dedication, desire, and effort on your part to for the Universe to know that you are not taking your abundance lightly. For example, are you squandering the abundance (whether it be time, energy, or money) you attract thoughtlessly? Or do you have a schedule, a budget, an investment plan, or a practice of self-care & discipline that helps you build and sustain any abundance you’ve received?
  3. Your ability to reciprocate. This represents your ability to reciprocate and give back others in some way. It also represents your willingness to give back to yourself! It’s important to note that this does NOT need to be immediate reciprocation upon receiving abundance, but rather something that allows you “to pay forward” the abundance you’ve received at a future date and time to a future recipient. This gift could be in the form of time, energy, or money and because the Universe abhors a void, this willingness to pay it forwrad can make you more magnetic to future forms of abundance that come your way.

When we practice all 3 of these components regularly in our life (as it relates to our time, our energy, or our money) it becomes much easier for us to manifest and attract what we desire!

So, why does self-care actually lead to abundance?

First, a self-care practice meets all 3 of the components related to abundance so that you can manifest with more ease and grace!! Here’s why:

  • Self-care represents your willingness to receive your own self-love, health & harmony into your life.
  • Self-care can be a daily/weekly/monthly practice of self-discipline that represents your willingness to foster, build, & grow that self-love, health & harmony.
  • Self-care is the ultimate gift you can give to yourself because it represents your willingness to reciprocate and give back to yourself.

With all of the above in place, not only will you feel great about yourself, your health, AND your life but you will also be activating the Law of Attraction with a much higher vibration and frequency in place!

Which of course, is what leads to our ability to manifest and attract with EASE. 🙂

Second, self-care is nurturing and “feminine” in nature, which is greatly needed to balance all of the “masculine” energy (“doing”, taking action, prioritizing,  etc..) we as humans need to employ in order to meet our daily tasks, priorities, and obligations.

With women especially, operating in our masculine energy all the time can be highly draining and exhausting. A regular self-care practice offsets all the energy we’re putting out and refuels our body, mind, & spirit, allowing us to be more feminine in nature AND even more effective when we do need to be in our masculine energy!

AND, this feminine energy is what allows to just “be” in the moment more easily, helps us go with the flow, has an energy of “allowing” (vs. forcing), and it encourages creativity which are ALL huge components to attracting abundance with more ease!

Third, self-care = self-love, which is considered to be the highest frequency and emotional experience available to us as humans.

In fact, love also vibrates at the same frequency as gratitude which ties in to our ability to “receive” more readily the gifts that each life experience brings.

Not only that, but self-love has the ability to heal old emotional wounds, allows us to have more compassion and patience others, and is ultimately what will result in a change in our external world.

WHY? Because your external world is always a reflection for what’s going on inside. Remember, according to the Law of Attraction, “like attracts like”. 🙂

To see if self-care actually can lead to more abundance for YOU (whether it be more self-love, prosperity, health, happiness, joy, etc…!), consider implementing the following:

  • Pay attention to your willingness to 1) receive, 2) build/foster/grow, and 3) reciprocate in ALL areas of your life for a period of 1-2 weeks. If you find that one of the 3 components is regularly NOT in place, create and implement a simple self-care ritual that will foster/build/grow that missing area for a month and see what changes.
  • Notice how much time you spend in both “masculine” and “feminine” energy mode to see if there’s an imbalance. Free up some time in your schedule so that you can incorporate more “feminine” energy activities (i.e. these would be activities that energize, inspire, delight, empower, or allow you to be more creative!) to balance out all the “masculine” activities that you engage in.
  • On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being extraordinary), rate how much you LOVE yourself. If it’s less than a 10, determine the #1, simplest thing you could do to create change in that area & turn it into a self-care practice for ONE month.

At the end of one month, notice any new forms of abundance that arise in your life as a result of these changes! 🙂

If you’re diligent with these recommendations, you’ll likely notice a difference in how you’re feeling AND how you’re attracting.

Imagine… how much easier would it be to manifest, attract, and create what you desire if you truly loved your self, your health, & your life?!

Self-care is the answer. 🙂

Jess Bonasso, otherwise known as The Self Care Goddess, empowers others to LOVE them SELF, their HEALTH, and their LIFE!

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Are you ready to break free of suffering & self-sabotage?

Do you want to experience MORE happiness, health, freedom, & success out of life but can’t because of obstacles that sabotage your success?

Would you like to break free of burnout, limitation & self-sabotage? 

Are you finally ready to truly LOVE & HEAL your life?!

Let’s be real. There are times in everyone’s life when burnout, limitation or self-sabotage of some sort impedes one’s efforts & often, it happens at a subconscious level! This is all too common & often very detrimental to our ability to create the life of our dreams.

So WHY do we sabotage our success…?

Often, it’s not even by choice! As we go through life, we have experiences both negative & positive that shape our beliefs, behaviors, & interactions with others.

Who you are NOW is a direct correlation to the conditioning of your past experiences.

Whether you like it or not, the beliefs, behaviors, & interactions of your past & present greatly affect how you choose to handle life lessons & experiences that come your way! Unfortunately, this can show up in the form of sabotage, which can include all of the following & more!

  • Physical Exhaustion & Dis-ease
  • Financial Insecurity & Instability
  • Lack of Passion or Purpose
  • Lack of Connection to Higher Self
  • Negative, Victim-like Mindset Mentality (i.e. pessimism)
  • Unhealthy Emotional Self-Expression
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Unhealthy Behaviors
  • Unhealthy Life Patterns
  • Phobias
  • Addictions
  • …and many, many more!

Sadly, ALL forms of sabotage keep us from embracing our GREATNESS, living in JOY, & creating the life of our dreams!

The key to eliminating this sabotage (at a cellular level!)is to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, & financial health.

In other words… SELF-CARE.

This is why the Freedom sessions along with the forward-moving Self-Care & Soul Guidance Sessions I offer is such a great way to break free from the sabotage that holds YOU back!

You’ll get support in taking better care of yourself AND be able to free yourself of the blocks & limitations that sabotage you the most at a cellular level!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could really become the master of your fate & your destiny? What would it be like to master your mindset AND your life?

Well, it’s absolutely possible!

AND that being said… it’s a LOT easier to attain self-mastery when you release what’s no longer serving you first. This is so that you can make room for the new & improved you that you’re trying to create and it’s also is where the science and power of a Freedom Session is critical for your success!

The Science Behind Sabotage

Dr. Candace Pert, a well-known author of Molecules of Emotion & cellular biologist, discovered that whenever we have an intense, powerful emotion that we repress or shut down, specific chemical changes take place in our bodies. These changes can affect certain cell receptors, blocking those cells from communicating with the other cells in our bodies & increasing the likelihood for disease to occur.

Supporting evidence has also been found by Deepak Chopra, M.D. & author of Quantum Healing, who believes that as cells regenerate, cellular memory gets carried into each new generation of cells. If there is a negative life experience that was not resolved or dealt with in a healthy way, the negative imprint in that cellular memory CAN lead to emotional & physical dis-ease in the body over time. It can also put into place the self-sabotage behaviors we engage in to handle many of life’s challenges.

Sabotage & the Law of Attraction

From a quantum physics standpoint, everything is made up of energy. Since the human body is also made up of energy, the frequency we vibrate at varies based on our physical, mental, & emotional state, leading to the attraction of both positive & negative life experiences. The most powerful forms of energy & vibration are our thoughts, feelings, spoken word, & written word so what we think, feel, say, & write in every moment… we become. This has become known as the Law of Attraction.

Our emotional state is a powerful indicator of where we are energetically (or vibrationally) & can be a powerful predictor for what we ultimately attract into our lives. Looking at your own life, consider the following contrasting situations:

  • Pessimists think, feel, speak, & write negatively, creating a reality that brings them more negative life experiences.
  • Optimists think, feel, speak, & write positively, creating a reality that brings them more positive life experiences

One of the key elements to the Law of Attraction working in your favor is to raise your vibrational energy by releasing the conditioning, programming, and patterns that sabotage your success. This will result in the POSITIVE attraction & manifestation of ALL forms of abundance!

So… what’s the sabotage solution?

The Journey Method

Journey LogoA very POWERFUL form of emotional release work through guided meditation, the The Journey Method® was created by a woman named Brandon Bays, who actually healed herself of a tumor the size of a basketball using this work!

The The Journey Method® works at a cellular level, releasing cellular memory from painful experiences in our past.

The experiences that we hold onto or feel pain around are the very memories that put into place any negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, & reactions we exhibit in our present moment.

The key to clearing out these sabotage patterns is to revisit those past experiences in a NEW, healthier way – to gain clarity, wisdom, gratitude, & forgiveness of all that happened so that you can move on & heal you life once & for all!

Want to hear other powerful stories of how sabotage was turned into success?

To hear Brandon Bays’ personal story of miraculous healing & hear from SO many others how this work has been profoundly healing, check out the following videos:

Brandon Bays Interview:

Other Journey Testimonials:

Are you curious to know how I can help YOU?!

To learn more about the various sessions I offer & how they can help you, click HERE to see the list of private 1:1 sessions available to choose from.

When you are ready to step outside your comfort zone & explore what freedom might look like for YOU, simply schedule a complimentary 60-minute Discovery Consult with me (where I can hear your story & share with you how I can best be of service) by clicking on the Apply Now button below!



Are you in hot water?


 Hot Water 

Have you ever felt like you were in over your head…?
Or that you were reaching your boiling point & weren’t too sure how to gain back your sanity?

We ALL have times in our life where it feels like we have SO much going on that adding even one more thing to the mix is going to be the tipping point between sanity & pure chaos.

Over-committment is very common & can lead to feelings of chaos & overwhelm, but oftentimes, we aren’t even aware that WE are the ones creating the chaos with our willingness to commit to that which doesn’t serve us.

So, how can YOU handle staying calm & grounded during these times of chaos…?
It differs for each person but the key to maintaining that balance without going off the deep end, losing it emotionally, or being burned out by over-commitment is to allow time for yourself to decompress & unwind.

And since that looks different for everyone, you might want to ask yourself the following questions to get clarity on what works for YOU:

For Reflection

  1. What relaxes me? Sometimes, just
     taking a few quiet moments of reflection time can be enough to escape the hustle, bustle, & noise of everyday
     life. As an example, NOT listening to the radio or music in the car is a great way to create that space!
  2. What gives me time to feel & process any emotions associated with being overwhelmed? Are you angry, resentful, bitter, exhausted? Allowing yourself to actually feel & welcome emotions that are there in the moment can sometimes be enough of a release to bring some peace back into your day. Allow time & activities that will allow you to process emotions.
  3. What rejuvenates & energizes me? The best activities are those that will fuel you for long periods of time. Learn what these activities are for you.
  4. What can I let go of to create more time for myself? This can be a tough one to do because you might have to let go of something you really want to do, so be brutally honest & challenge yourself to only take on those tasks & activities that are going to support & enhance your well-being & peace of mind.

The answers to these questions can give you some healthy options for handling those times where conflict, chaos, & over-commitment are present. Be creative & start coming up with ideas of your own today!

And, for those of you struggling with ideas, here’s one to consider – take a bath!! Soaking in a nice hot tub or hot spring can be relaxing, allows time for processing emotion, can be extremely rejuvenating, & can give you time to think about what you can let go of so that you can create more space for sanity in your life.

Check out the Self Care for the Soul video I created below that outlines the importance of taking a bath for self-care & how to create that space in a way that works for you:
Self Care for the Soul - Bath Time
Self Care for the Soul – Bath Time

 I had a great time making this video & hope you enjoy it too! 🙂

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