5 Tips for Finding Balance in Chaotic Times

Balance Do you ever find it difficult to find balance during chaotic times?!

Keeping calm, cool, and collected in the face of chaos can certainly make life feel easier but let’s face it, this is sometimes easier said than done! 🙂

So do you do it? How can YOU find balance when overwhelmed by the chaos?

Well, first I think it’s important to question your definition of the word “balance”.

Does it mean staying calm, cool, and collected ALL the time?

If so, you might be setting yourself up for unnecessary overwhelm and disappointment.

WHY? Because your expectation to feel that way ALL the time means balance can never be achieved.

If that’s the case, than balance as a concept is really just a myth!

Instead, what if balance was more about your ability to know when you’re out of balance and your ability to quickly course-correct and get back on track? 

With this in mind, I’d like to share a short 5 minute video I created this month with 5 Tips for Finding Balance in Chaotic Times!

Simply click on the video link below:

5 Tips for Finding Balance in Chaotic Times

I hope you’ll en-JOY and find these tips useful for helping you find balance when you need it the most!

As always… here’s to embracing your greatness! 🙂

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    Peace, love, & light…

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5 Simple Ways to Create a Positive Mental Attitude

nullThis month’s Self-Mastery Spotlight will cover 5 simple ways for YOU to create a positive mental attitude!

Let’s face it. If you’re a human with a brain and the capacity to think, you’ve  suffered from a negative mental attitude at some point in time. :)The good news is that you’re not alone!

Even better news is that there are literally 100’s of ways to transform that negativity into a positive mental attitude .

To give you a few ideas I’d like to share the 5 simple steps that I take when I’m feeling negative to create a positive mental attitude:

  1. Be the change you wish to see in the world. This is a great quote by Mahatma Gandhi and one of the most important lessons you’ll learn in life. When you focus on keeping your words, thoughts, & actions as positive & uplifting as possible (even when you DON’T feel good!) you’ll feel better soon AND good things will be more likely to happen. Of course, there will be days when you lack the resources to maintain this kind of positivity (see #5) so let go of expectations of perfection AND learn from your mistakes. The good news is that the more often you maintain integrity with what you really desire, the easier it will become AND the more positive and happy you will feel!
  2. Create affirmations that represent the change you wish to be. Much of what limits us stems from the thoughts that we think. When you’re feeling upset or negative about life, take a moment to identify what the feelings and beliefs are that are driving your discontent. From there, identify what you REALLY want and write a positively-stated affirmation that represents what you desire. Review and practice alignment to this new affirmation daily until you start to feel more proficient in your efforts.
  3. Do something that brings you JOY. To shift your focus of attention on what’s NOT working onto what will work better, sometimes you need to have an “interrupt”. Interrupting your focus of attention to some more positive in nature will shift your energy in a more positive direction and what better way than to engage in an activity that brings you JOY?! 🙂 You’ll feel better AND you’ll be able to think more clearly & work through whatever was bothering you to begin with.
  4. Approach life with an attitude of open-mindedness, curiosity & discovery. When I’m feeling upset or negative about something it’s usually because my attention has become fixated and closed off to what’s possible. I believe this greatly limits our capacity to feel good about ourselves and life so something that can be done to counteract this limitation is to approach every interaction and experience with as much curiosity and discovery as possible. You can do this by asking lots of open-ended, curiosity-based questions to help you gain greater clarity and understanding as to why things are the way they are AND it will also take you out of resistance and limitation and into open-mindedness and possibility (the foundation of a positive mental attitude!).
  5. Maintain your energy stores with regular, consistent self care. Believe it or not, another huge reason for a negative mental attitude is physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. If you’re not taking care of yourself in all of these areas, your capacity to be patient, loving, kind, gentle, and compassionate goes out the door! To feel better and to interact with others from a place of fullness (vs. lack, obligation, or drain), you must make taking care of yourself an absolute priority. When you’re feeling negative and unhappy, take a break to engage in some form of self-care (i.e. exercise, down time, free flow time, activities that bring you joy, massage, time with a loving friend, etc…).

So there you have it! These are just a few ways that YOU can create a positive mental attitude. The next time you feel negative, pick one of the suggestions above and give it a shot. 🙂

AND, remember that everyone’s different so if the first one doesn’t work for you, keep trying something new until you find the one that shifts things for YOU.

En-JOY & remember to embrace your greatness! You are SO worth it. 🙂

Jess Smiling

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How to Make 2014 a Labor of Love!

JOYDid you know that a GREAT way to motivate yourself to get something done AND accelerate your progress is to make it as fun, joyful, inspiring & delightful as possible?!

Why is that?

Well, because when you do anything that you LOVE, you are in the moment, present, allowing (vs. forcing), energized, AND vibrating at the highest possible level you can vibrate at!

All of this makes any effort you put forth feel effortless and allows for you to manifest what you really want with far more ease & grace!

Pretty cool, right…? 🙂

Have you ever set a goal or dream for yourself and then your energy just seemed to fizzle out before you could accomplish it?

If so, maybe it’s because those dreams weren’t connected to the essence of what inspires or brings you JOY!

So how can you remedy this…?

First and foremost, one way would be to choose and set goals and dreams that:

  • Inspire & delight you!
  • Bring you deep JOY & fulfillment!
  • Connect you to your intuition, to Spirit & to your Higher Self!
  • Shares your passions with others!
  • Nurtures your body & spirit to help you LOVE yourself & your life!

Think about it… with this kind of inspiration in place, you will likely:

  • Have more JOY, fun, excitement, inspiration, & delight in your life!
  • Feel more energized, excited & motivated to put forth the effort that’s required to make any dreams a reality!
  • Be able to experience life more fully from the wisdom of your higher self (vs. the lower, wounded parts of you that drain & deplete you)!
  • Vibrate at a higher emotional frequency so that you can manifest what you really want with ease and grace!
  • Love yourself more completely, making it possible to love others from that same place without even thinking about it!

With so much good energy & focus in place, there’s no way you could fail, right..?! 🙂

So how can YOU make 2014 a labor of LOVE for yourself?

Personally, I believe it’s as simple as getting connected to the essence of what I’m trying to create in my life.

For example, if I had a goal to make more money so that I could pay off debt, the essence of what I want to experience might be FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

If I wanted to spend time traveling, the essence of what I want to experience might be FUN & ADVENTURE. 

If I wanted to lose weight so that I could feel better & have more energy, the essence of what I want to experience might be STRENGTH & STAMINA.

To make these dreams a labor of love, I simply have to choose ONE new on-going ritual or routine in each of these areas that will inspire me, delight me, bring me joy, embody my passion, nurture my body, etc…

For example, here are some rituals related to the sample themes and core values I mentioned above:

  • FINANCIAL FREEDOM: making something creative (i.e. art, jewelry, etc..) every week that I could sell to make some extra money.
  • FUN & ADVENTURE: making a vision board of destinations I’d like to visit & visualizing for at  90 seconds daily how much fun it will be to travel & experience the new cultures, sights, & sounds of each destination.
  • STRENGTH & STAMINA: implementing a daily self-care ritual that nurtures my body, mind, & spirit by doing activities that not only build strength & stamina but are also fun & bring me joy.

So, to summarize how to make 2014 a labor of love, all you need to do is:

  1. Define the dreams & goals that you want to accomplish in 2014.
  2. Get connected to the essence of what you want to create for yourself.
  3. Create fun & inspirational rituals that will align you to that essence!

It’s that simple.

Good luck with your dreams in 2014 & en-JOY! 🙂