How to Cleanse Your Life With Forgiveness

Are you finding it difficult to create what you REALLY desire?

Is it difficult for you to let go of expectations for how things should look?

Do you sometimes find it difficult to truly forgive yourself & others?

If you answered yes, you may find it helpful to cleanse your life through the practice of FORGIVENESS.

How can cleansing & forgiveness help you create what you desire?

According to the Vacuum Law of Prosperity, it is stated that “nature abhors a void”.

Learning to let go of things, people and relationships that no longer serve you can be hard, but once you do it, it has the power to cleanse negativity from your life & opens you up to a flow of good that can come your way.

Forgiveness is a great way to practice the art of letting go but at times, it can be difficult to truly forgive our self & others!

To help you more readily find forgiveness, I’d like to share a self-care ritual that I’ve found to be personally helpful.

First, it’s important to note that forgiveness is more likely to happen when the following core values, qualities, or characteristics are in place:


With these qualities in mind, there is a very simple forgiveness ritual that you can engage in (daily, weekly, or as needed) which is as follows:

  1. Identify the people (this could be yourself or someone else) & experiences in your life where lack of forgiveness is keeping you stuck & holding you back. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • What is it costing you not to forgive?
    • What are the benefits you’d receive if you could let go & move on?
    • What do you really want to experience?
    • What’s currently missing from that experience?
  2. Write a letter or empty out loud about how you feel about this situation (does NOT need to be in person) & then ask yourself the following questions:
    • What am I meant to learn from this experience that’s of positive benefit to me?
    • What core values, tools, or resources am I learning that will be of benefit to me going forward?
    • How can I actually be grateful for this experience as a tool for my growth & transformation?
  3. If another person is involved, imagine stepping into them (at a soul level) for a moment to experience what they were going through or feeling at the time & ask yourself the following questions:
    • What were they feeling & experiencing at the time that might’ve driven their thoughts, words, & behavior?
    • What percentage of how they felt actually had anything to do with you personally?
    • Are any of these feelings a mirror for how YOU were feeling/acting at the time?
  4. Next, consider your role in the experience & ask yourself the following questions:
    • Is there anything you could’ve done differently to prevent the situation at hand?
    • What needs to happen (within YOUR control) in order for you to forgive & move on?

Believe it or not, this level of curiosity about the situation at hand fosters ALL the qualities & characteristics of forgiveness! Not only that but it can be incredibly cleansing to learn, to grow, to evolve, & to find gratitude in anything painful that you’re experiencing.

Is it easy to go through this process every time?

No, sometimes it’s not but if you practice as much as you possibly can to find the benefit & the good in EVERY situation that comes your way, you’ll experience more forgiveness (and all the qualities that come with it!) in your life.

The consistent void that you create with a consistent practice of forgiveness will not only cleanse your life but it will also eventually lead to more prosperity & abundance! 🙂

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