3 Ways Your Body Talks To You

Have you ever noticed how physical tension in the body is less than when the weather gets warmer outside?
Doesn’t your body sometimes just itch to get outside & be in the sun??
Or, doesn’t your body just crave movement now & then?
If you’re saying yes to any of these it means you’re listening to your body!
Sadly, there are many who are NOT very good at listening to their bodies.
You know the ones I’m talking about…
  • listen-to-your-bodyThe over-achievers that work through colds, flus, & bronchitis because they just can’t stop striving for more.
  • The burned out moms & care-givers who give so much of themselves that they have no time or energy left at the end of the day for themselves.
  • The perfectionists that are so focused on getting things done right that they are stressed out all the time & every muscle in their body is tighter than a drum.

And you know what?

I know there’ve been times that I didn’t listen to my body, sometimes causing me to suffer as a result.

The truth is, I’m sure we ALL sometimes have a challenging time listening to what our body is telling us!

What about you?

I believe that in order for us to be the master of our own fate & destiny in life, we need to pay attention to how our body talks to us.

After all, the body is a barometer for our soul & if we’re listening, it can lead us to the breadcrumbs that will ultimately lead us to a life of happiness & fulfillment!

So today, I’d like to share the 3 ways that your body talks to you so that you can become better at listening (and hopefully, at following the breadcrumbs!), which are as follows:

  1. Chronic Physical Pain, Tension, or Dis-Ease. If the physical pain you experience is on-going, persistent, & chronic (and not a recovery from an unforeseen accident), there’s a really good chance that the root cause of the issue you’re facing has an emotional root cause. In Louise Hay’s well-known book “You Can Heal Your Life” she talks about the importance of getting the emotional root cause of all physical ailments to alleviate the pain at a cellular level. If you’re suffering from physical pain, tension , or dis-ease in your body it’s your body’s way of asking you to address and face an aspect of your life that you may not have yet healed.
  2. Unhappiness. One of the reasons stress, pain, & tension builds up in the body is due to unresolved emotions. Allowing yourself to fully FEEL & EXPERIENCE the full spectrum of emotions that pass through you is a great place to start. Often, our instinct is to stuff our anger, shame, guilt, fear, sadness, etc… which is a form of resistance and avoidance that ultimately leaves you feeling unresolved. Once you’ve experienced the emotion fully, begin practicing CURIOSITY with yourself to find the exact source/cause of the emotion so that you can begin to address the source of the problem (vs. the symptom).
  3. The Senses. All of us are innately intuitive but because of social conditioning, closed-mindedness, & unconsciousness we are not always aware of OR we are afraid to own our innate abilities. As a result, we become “numb” to our intuitive senses, which can give us great insight about our life & show up in one of the following ways:
    • Clairvoyance. Your ability to just be able to “see” clearly the answer or desired outcome of a situation. May include visions or pictures. Yields a very visual understanding of the world.
    • Clairaudience. Your ability to “hear” clearly the answer or desired outcome of a situation from something other than yourself. Yields a very auditory understanding of the world.
    • Claircognizance. Your ability to clearly “know” (without knowing why) clearly the answer or desired outcome of a situation. Something that your entire body knows to be true. Yields a very clear understanding of the world that comes from within.
    • Clairsentience. Your ability to clearly “sense” (empathic) what another is feeling to assist in guiding the outcome of a situation (to either good or bad, depending on your awareness). Yields a very empathic understanding of the world.

The truth is, our body speaks to us in ALL of these ways! Some of us have access & awareness to some and others have access to them all.

But… are YOU listening? Are you acknowledging the wisdom that your body is trying to yield?

If it’s speaking to you, it’s often to help you wake up to some kind of unconsciousness self-sabotage that’s preventing your greatness.

My hope is that by knowing the 3 ways to that your body talks to you, you will be more aware of when your body is talking to you!

And when you do notice your body talking to you my advice is to:

  1. STOP & RECOGNIZE. Simply stop & become aware of how your body is talking to you.
  2. EXPERIENCE. Experience & feel fully any emotion associated with this.
  3. TUNE-IN & REFLECT. Practice curiosity with yourself to determine what your body is telling you. Ask what your body REALLY needs to be healthy, healed, & whole!

I hope this helps you listen better to your body & believe it will help you reconnect to YOU! 🙂



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