Keynote Speaking & Training

img_8224Jess has been offering high-energy & highly-interactive professional speaking services & training programs that are both transformational & motivational since 2007!

Since that time, she has successfully created & led a variety of motivational presentations, workshops, tele-seminars, seminars, immersions, & retreats.

She also knows how to powerfully lead a presentation or training for any kind of networking, social, corporate or conference event (see some of the organizations in the past that she’s spoken to below)!


In addition, Jess truly understands what it takes to create an interactive & comfortable experience for her audience so that they can relax, learn & embody the material at a cellular-level.

Are you ready for Jess to work with YOUR group…?!

Here is a list of the signature presentations that Jess can offer to your organization:

The Burnout Rescue! How to Stop Sacrificing Your Soul, Sanity, or Health

Discover how burnout actually begins & why it’s quickly becoming an epidemic that could cause you to sacrifice your soul, sanity, & health both in business & in life. You’ll also learn the underlying root cause & a proven 3-step process that will help you break free from burnout & breakdown for life!

Heal Your Life! How to Love Your Self, Shine Your Light, & Thrive in Life

Learn the hypnotic hold that programming, conditioning, & cellular memory has on your life along with a very powerful way to release these patterns & any self-sabotage that limits or prevents your greatness!

Deadly Emotions! How to Express, Embrace, Elevate & Heal Your Emotions

Discover the deadly impact that emotions such as stress, fear, anger, shame, guilt, depression, etc… can have on your health AND your life. You’ll also learn powerful ways to manage & even HEAL these emotions at a cellular level!

Say YES! to YOU! How to Set Boundaries Like a Badass In Business & In Life

Discover how to eliminate self-sacrifice, plug energy drains & set boundaries in a way that honors EVERYONE involved so you can have more time for YOU!

Toxic Thoughts! How to Purify & Strengthen Your Mind for Magnificence

Discover why & how toxic thoughts can attract up to 99% of your reality & lead to cellular memory patterns in your body that can result in both physical & emotional dis-ease. You’ll also walk away with simple ideas on how to purify & strengthen your own mind for greatness!

Fuel Your Body! How Rest, Movement & Food Can Fuel & Lead You to Greatness

Discover why you might be drained & running on empty based on the kind of rest, movement, & food you are fueling your body with. You’ll also discover how to use your body as a barometer for your soul & how to test for strengths & weaknesses!

Re-Design Your Life! How to Manage your Energy, Reduce Stress & Eliminate Overwhelm

Discover how to re-design your life so you can eliminate overwhelm, stress, & exhaustion with 6 simple steps that will increase your energy, accelerate your joy & help you more effectively manage ALL aspects of your life!

Stress Less & Start Living! Self-Care for Anxiety, Depression, & Overwhelm

Learn simple self-care rituals to help ease worry & anxiety, manage your emotions & live more effectively so you can stress less & start living!

To learn more about Jess & her various areas of expertise, simply look around this website or call her directly at 720-333-6796.

*NOTE: Customized speaking & training services can be made available upon request.

To hear a sample of Jess’s presentation style, check out the presentations below:

How to Break Through Barriers & Recondition Yourself for Success!

offered at a Mile High Businesses Honoring Spirituality event.

The Modern-Day Kryptonite That’s Wiping Out Super Woman!

with Krystal Covington, founder of The Women of Denver who also produces a TV show called Inside the Women of Denver, which showcases local leaders who are making an impact in the Denver community!

Dream Visions 7 Radio Network

And finally, click on the link below to listen to a 60-minute interview on the Dream Visions 7 Radio Network with host Lora Plank-Cheadle with tips and techniques for addressing burnout, such as setting better boundaries, and giving tips on practicing realistic self-care!

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network

The Soul-Shaking Love Summit

This is an interview I had with Valerie Greene, a relationship coach & love expert who helps women inspire their husband or boyfriend to deeper love and intimacy, during her Soul-Shaking Love Summit in September 2017 on the topic on How to Break Free From Burnout for Life!

Finally, here are just a few of the organizations & events I’ve spoken for over the years:



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