Self-Care Programs

To help you in understanding the power of the work I offer, I offer a variety of Self-Care for the Soul Support Programs that are designed to meet YOUR unique needs.

Although the duration & length of time for each program varies for each client, it will always be comprised of a unique combination (based on your needs) of the following services:

Soul Foundation Session (2 hours)

This is a foundational session that kicks off our time together that will help you:

  • Identify a unique self-care plan for greatness that’s specific to YOU!
  • Discover the underlying core fears & personality fixations that limit your greatness!
  • Clarify any old patterns, programming, or conditioning that might need to be healed!
  • Understand the growth path unique to YOU that will help you become your very own hero!

Self-Care Guidance Sessions (1 hour)

These sessions are designed to help you discover bold and courageous actions you’ll need to take to empower you to become your very own hero, along with the self-care tools, strategies, & rituals you’ll need along the way to support you!

Not only will you be able to work on ANY area of your life that you’d like to enhance but you’ll also walk away with the following:

  • Deep discovery, insight, growth, & empowerment to keep you motivated & excited for CHANGE!
  • Rituals, tools, & resources to recondition you to LOVE yourself AND your life!
  • Connection to your inspiration, passion, & JOY in life!
  • Brainstorming, masterminding, & discovery of your personal life goals & intentions!
  • Inner wisdom & guidance from your higher self!
  • Gratitude & wisdom over any obstacles that arise along the way!

Soul Guidance Sessions (1 hour)

These sessions are designed to clarify & guide you to your greatness, amplify your authenticity & greatly accelerate your results.

During a Soul Guidance session you can choose from any of the following offerings:

  • Soul Virtues Discovery – Uncover the unique core values from your life that will give you confidence, strength & courage to lead yourself to greatness!
  • Soul Purpose Discovery – Envision a life’s purpose that represents who YOU really are & helps you live deeply on purpose!
  • Soul Mission Discovery – Clarify a life’s mission that represents your legacy & any service you are meant to give back to the world!
  • Soul Passion Discovery – Discover the deepest passions & desires that will motivate you, inspire you, & lead you to greatness in a way that ignites your life!

Freedom Sessions (1 to 2 hours)

These sessions are designed to help you resolve past trauma & release old programming at a cellular level using the Journey Method® to help you turn self-sabotage into success!

Examples of areas that can effectively be healed & addressed are as follows:

  • Chronic Stress & Anxiety (physical/mental/emotional)
  • Panic Attacks/Phobias 
  • Deep-Seated Fears (not being good enough, a failure, success, unlovability, abandonment, rejection, not being smart enough, not being unique/just like everyone else, safety, not being supported, vulnerability, conflict, etc…)
  • Limiting Beliefs (deep-seated beliefs that come from programming & conditioning
  • Bad Habits (procrastination, addictive behaviors, distractions, obsessive compulsive behaviors, etc…)
  • Unhealthy Vows (deep-seated beliefs that make you feel you can NEVER be/do/have/achieve what you desire)
  • Toxic Thoughts (Failure Mentality, Victim Mentality, Scarcity/Lack Mentality, suicidal)
  • Deadly Emotions (depression, sadness, stress, anger, rage, resentment, overwhelm, shame, guilt, etc…)
  • Physical Health Dis-ease (digestive issues, organ dysfunction, exhaustion/fatigue, ADD/ADHD, cancer, tumors, tension, degeneration, etc..)
  • Chronic Stress or Overwhelm (over-commitment, hyper-sensitivity, hyper-vigilance, hyper-distracted, etc…)
  • Addictive Behaviors (smoking, drinking, caffeine, sugar, salt, soda, fast food, social media, etc…)
  • Personality Patterns (over-critical, over-giving, over-achieving, over-dramatizing, over-withdrawal, over-analyzing, over-adventurous, over-aggressive, overly passive, etc…)
  • Blocks to Abundance (Giving/Receiving, Lack/Scarcity, Nurture/Growth)
  • Un-resolved Trauma (PTSD, physical/mental/verbal/sexual abuse, abandonment, neglect, etc…)
  • Disconnection to Higher Self (operating out of Human Animal or Human Ego behaviors)
  • …and more!

PLUS, included in your program you’ll also receive the following *COMPLIMENTARY GIFTS*:

  • GIFT #1: Powerful Self-Assessments & Discovery Workbooks, to help you create a self-care plan for greatness, identify unconscious cellular conditioning patterns that lead you away from your authentic greatness, & clarify your unique hero’s path.
  • GIFT #2: Unlimited 1:1 email support for any questions, coaching or support needed along the way!
  • GIFT #3: All sessions are recorded & provided following each session for your convenience.

*NOTE: All sessions are completed either by phone or video conference, allowing you to benefit from & revisit our sessions in your own environment, with no commute time required!

Every program I offer allows you to fully customize your transformation using any of the sessions listed above.

Not only will you be able to heal the pain of the past but you’ll also learn how to recondition yourself for greatness in a way that’s both repeatable AND sustainable long-term!

If you are ready to explore what becoming your very own hero looks like, I offer a complimentary 60-minute Discovery Consult where I can hear your story & share with you how I can best be of service.

PLUS! Fast Action Gifts Are Also Available!

When you say YES! to YOU! within 72 hours of our Discovery Consult you’ll also receive the

following online, virtual training bonuses (valued at well over $450!):

Self-Care for the Soul Support Training

  • BONUS GIFT #1: A Downloadable Self-Care Toolkit, to give you self-care tools that include 108 ways to practice self-care, tips for better boundary setting, & guided yoga “nidra” meditation for stress, exhaustion, & overwhelm!
  • BONUS GIFT #2: Self-Care & Personality Training Videos to help you understand how to better make use of the bonus assessments & workbooks you’ve received with your program!
  • BONUS GIFT #3: Path of the Hero Training Video & Handout to help you better understand your unique path to greatness & be more resilient to challenges that arise!
  • BONUS GIFT #4: 6 x Downloadable Freedom Meditations, to help you manage & release irrational fears or phobias, unhealthy behaviors, limiting beliefs, disempowering emotions, & even physical pain!

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