Love One Another

Are you ready for the holidays?

Whether you are or not, it is the time of year where we are hopefully reminded of the importance of gratitude & generosity.

This year in particular, with the most recent presidential election, I believe we are being called to really take a closer look at what this means in our life.

Many coming out of the election might be feeling fear, despair, or anger over the outcome & because I’m the kind of person that likes to find the good in ALL things, I’d like to offer up a different perspective for you to consider.

What if instead of fear, anger, or hate about what could happen over the next four years we looked at this election as an opportunity to WAKE UP?

As a collective, I believe we’ve been drifting & asleep for quite some time now, allowing ourselves to be led by elite members of society that are focused more on power than the good of ALL people.

AND, I get it why we’ve been asleep & allowed the focus on power to take precedence for so long.

You see… it’s not always easy to stand up for what we believe in AND it can be quite difficult to speak our truth if it means stepping outside our comfort zone.

Although I am less than thrilled with the candidates running or the final outcome, in trying to look for the good in all things I realize that the results are the perfect “shake up” and wake up that our nation & our planet needs!

What better way to incent individuals who’ve been drifting & asleep to WAKE & RISE UP??

We are creatures of comfort and the only way to wake up, get out of our comfort zone, & actually do something meaningful & real with our life, our government, etc… is to shake things up. This is where REAL change can occur.

That’s exactly what this election is doing.

It is opening all of our eyes to the forceful, power-hungry energy that has been driving the system AND it is opening our eyes to the importance of the cooperative, loving energy that’s needed for mankind to transcend our actions for the greater good, our consciousness, and our evolution as a human race.

What do I mean by this?

First, I’d like to bring to light the 100th monkey syndrome, which you can watch by clicking on the video below.

So what does the 100th monkey syndrome have to do with the election? With gratitude? Or with generosity?

Simply put, the only way to transcend anger, fear and hate is for as many people as possible to choose LOVE.

The more that choose LOVE, the more likely for all of humanity to be transformed INCLUDING those who operate from fear, anger or hate by default.

*NOTE: THIS HAS BEEN SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN (by the 100th monkey theory)!

So, as we move into the upcoming holidays & the next four years, I want to ask you the following questions:

  • Are you willing to commit to and stand up for LOVE through all of this?
  • Are you willing to speak & embody LOVE even in the face of fear and hate?
  • Are you willing to react and respond from your HEART vs. your head?
  • Are you willing to rise up into human SPIRIT vs. lowering yourself down into human animal?
  • Are you willing to do all of the above with yourself? Your family? Your friends? And with total strangers?

If the answer is no, then you are part of the problem & not the solution.

The way that we react & respond to one another is of utmost importance and will ultimately be what shapes this country AND the world as we know it.

In fact, it’s absolutely critical for our evolution that we WAKE up & learn to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

WHY? Because it’s the tipping point for a massive shift in consciousness & evolution for ALL beings on the planet.

I hope during the holidays & the days, weeks, months, & years ahead that you choose LOVE.

Sending you deep LOVE, gratitude, & generosity for a happy, healthy holiday! 🙂

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