Is Burnout Affecting YOU?

Personally, I LOVE the end of the year & the holidays, not just because of extra time with the ones I love the most but also because it’s a time when I take a couple of weeks off from seeing clients for business development (something I do at least twice a year).

I truly LOVE taking time & space to reflect on the successes & challenges of my previous year AND to envision, fine tune, & refine my vision for the future! It’s so important because it gives me the ability to enhance my life, follow my dreams, and continue growing & building my business to new levels.

That said, for a LOT of people this is can be a very stressful, exhausting, & overwhelming time of year with very little time for reflection, future-visioning, or even just basic self-care!


I believe it’s because our already busy lives (and our amped-up nervous system) gets amped-up a few too many notches because of all the additional activities that the holidays bring.

You know what I mean. The extra gift/grocery shopping, family gatherings, company parties, holiday get-togethers, etc…

It’s great to see everyone but at the end of the day, IT CAN BE EXHAUSTING!

And you know what?

This can easily leads us into burnout, which is why I want to share with you today the various stages of burnout that exist along with how to fix it.

Want a hint of what burnout out is?

A typical definition of burnout is “physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress” and can range from something as simple as an overall feeling of busyness & overwhelm all the way down to accelerated health issues & deafening despair.

Because there are various stages & a progression of burnout that can exist, it’s important to know when it’s happening to you & just how bad it might be.

To see if burnout is affecting YOU, check out the various stages & symptoms of burnout that I’ve outlined below. It will enlighten you! 🙂

  • Hyperactivity – busyness, overwhelm, stress
  • Exhaustion – chronic fatigue, loss of energy
  • Reduced Activity – withdrawal (socializing, family, friends, etc.), resignation, passivity, procrastination
  • Emotional Reactions – aggression (irritability, impatience, etc.), negativity, cynicism, sadness, fear
  • Breakdown – cognitive function, motivation, creativity
  • Degradation – emotional distress (depression, anxiety, panic), loss of social contacts
  • Psycho-somatic Reactions – sleep disturbances, digestive & cardio-vascular disorders, susceptibility to sickness & infection, physical pain & tension, sexual disorders, intake of alcohol & drugs
  • Despair – hopelessness, powerlessness, accelerated physical health issues, psychosomatic disorders (mind/body)

Does any of this sound like YOU?

If so, I have just 2 pieces of advice to help you break free of burnout:


According to a recent study* in 2015, “over 75% of women in the workforce report having anxiety-related health issues, with only 40% seeking medical assistance”.

*Source: “Generation burnout: Three-quarters of women suffer from stress-related anxiety,” The Telegraph, December 3, 2015

This means that 60% of women in the workforce are inadequately trying to cope with anxiety & stress (which is often a result of burnout) on their own & likely won’t do anything about it until it negatively impacts their health!

I know this is true because that’s exactly what happened to me when I was working in my corporate career. I was struggling with chronic low back pain, 40 lbs overweight, & dealing anger management & anxiety on a regular basis.

The physical & emotional issues were what finally woke me up to the fact that there were deeper core issues not being addressed and that I was struggling from burnout.

So, are you part of the 40% seeking help OR are you part of the 60% trying to recover from & prevent burnout on your own?

If you’d like to PUT YOURSELF FIRST & ASK FOR SUPPORT, find someone who’s been through what you’re going through & been able to overcome it. They will have the greatest insight & wisdom on how to overcome what holds YOU back!

If you’d like my support, it’s as easy as setting up a complimentary Discovery Consult with me. 🙂

As always, I hope my personal experiences & insight can support you on your self-care journey & help you re-ignite your radiance.

And, I’m sending you deep LOVE, gratitude, & generosity for a happy, healthy holiday!

May it be filled with massive heaps of love & light.  🙂

Jess Bonasso, otherwise known as The Self Care Goddess, helps high-reaching females suffering from chronic burnout re-design their life, re-invent success & re-ignite their radiance without sacrificing their soul, sanity, or health!

Are you ready to re-ignite your radiance & SHINE BRIGHT?

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