How to Create a “Health” Mindset

Have you ever wondered how to go about create a “health” mindset in your life?

For close to 10 years I suffered deeply from major low back pain, trying one thing after another to “fix the problem”.

In fact, I thought I was doing everything I could to address the physical symptoms I was experiencing – pain medication, chiropractic care, acupuncture, & massage therapy just to name a few.
NONE of it made a difference.
In fact, if anything… it got worse!

WHY? Well, I believe it was because my focus of attention was on the following:

  1. fixing the problem vs. seeking a solution
  2. looking for someone who could fix me vs. fixing myself (i.e. taking ownership of & personal responsibility for my physical, mental, & emotional health)
  3. addressing symptoms vs. the root cause of the physical pain  
The truth is that back then I felt hopeless, punished & broken. The more hopeless, punished & broken I felt, the worse I felt! 🙁

Ultimately, this is what led to me having a “sickness” mindset that greatly exacerbated my physical health!

After MANY years of trying to fix the problem, looking for someone to fix me, & trying to address the symptoms I finally realized that my perspective & focus of attention was fixated on what I did NOT want.

It was then that I decided to start focusing on the solution, fixing myself, addressing the root cause of the problem & moving toward what I really wanted.

Upon doing this, I came up with some realizations (from this more open-minded, flexible place) that would lead me to what I really desired & here’s what I realized:

  • Instead of focusing on managing & eliminating pain, I realized I could focus on creating strength, flexibility & vitality in my body, mind, & spirit.
  • Instead of viewing this as a problem, I realized I could look at it as an opportunity to learn how to take care of & heal myself from the inside out.
  • Instead of feeling resentment over feeling punished, I realized I could feel gratitude for the health I did have & the power to change what wasn’t working.
  • Instead of feeling helpless & looking outside myself to be “fixed”, I realized I could commit to taking back control of my health.

AND, when I actually started to focus more often on all of the above, I felt better!

Additionally, this shift toward a more positive “health” mindset that allowed me to start taking positive steps in the right direction & also led to:

  • my mindset became more open-minded & flexible
  • my actions shifted in a positive direction
  • greater self-awareness
  • increased strength, flexibility, & vitality
  • higher wisdom & non-attachment
  • gratitude, joy, & happiness
  • MORE of what I really wanted!

And most importantly, a significant reduction of pain (mental, emotional AND physical!).

So… my challenge to YOU, Contact First Name, is to identify ONE aspect of your physical health or appearance that you would like to shift your perspective on.

Then, do the following exercise to shift your perspective & give you something to practice:

  1. Make a list of all the current beliefs (healthy or unhealthy!) you have about this aspect of your physical health.
  2. For any belief that is unhealthy or dis-empowering in any way, identify what you really desire in that area.
  3. Write a present-tense affirmation that represents the essence of that desire. For example: “My spine is crooked & degenerated” would become “I am creating a healthy, strong, flexible, & supple spine!”.
  4. For any belief that is healthy or empowering, write down the essence of that belief as a present-tense affirmation.
  5. Print this list & read each affirmation daily.  

As you review this list daily, over time you will start to experience a shift in your mindset. 

AND, because your focus of attention is on what you really want more often, you will likely find yourself taking small steps along the way that will lead you back to the sound physical health that you really desire. 🙂

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