Invigorate Your Spirit!

A Self-Care Retreat for the Soul

Summer 2016

Would you like to experience a summer getaway that

reignites, recharges, & refuels your life?

If you’re burned out by the daily hustle & bustle and you’re ready to fill up your energy tanks, then this “self-care retreat for the soul” is for YOU!

Join us at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in beautiful southern Colorado (only 3 hours from Denver, CO!) for a sumptuous “self care” retreat that will invigorate your spirit!


Are you ready to invigorate your spirit?!

Imagine what it would be like to…

Relax & Unwind Your Mind

Soak your stress & cares away with daily healing, resting, & relaxing in the therapeutic outdoor mineral pools at Joyful Journey Hot Springs!

Recharge & Refuel Your Body

En-JOY hiking, yoga, movement meditation, creative “visual” journaling, a fire & purification ceremony, healthy organic vegan cuisine, gorgeous mountain & sunset views, aromatherapy, reading, writing, down time, or whatever your heart desires!

Invigorate & Renew Your Spirit

Gently calm & soothe your spirit by exploring one of the delightful spa, facial, or massage services available from the experienced staff at Joyful Journey Hot Springs!

*NOTE: Spa services are NOT included in the retreat price.



Thursday, 7/28 – Sunday, 7/31

(5 pm start on Thursday | 12 pm finish on Sunday)


Only $429!



Friday, 7/29 – Sunday, 7/31

(5 pm start on Friday | 12 pm finish on Sunday)


Only $329!



Register on or before Friday, 7/1 & receive $50 off your retreat investment!

** NOTE: Last day to register is Friday, 7/15 **

Retreat Cost Includes:

  • Delicious organic vegan cuisine prepared in the Ayurvedic tradition* that will nourish & cleanse your body! NOTE: All meals will be gluten-free & can be prepared with participant dietary & allergy needs in mind. Lactose-free & soy-free options available if required!
  • Daily yoga & movement practices that will put you in your feminine flow!
  • Hiking excursions that will strengthen & invigorate your body!
  • Full use of the healing mineral pools at Joyful Journey Hot Springs & soothe your mind!
  • Essential oils empowerment to add a boost of flavor, sass, & spice to your retreat experience!

3-NIGHT “MAXI” RETREAT BONUS! For those attending the 3-night retreat option, you will receive the following additional bonus offers:

  • A welcome & movement meditation gathering!
  • A 1/2 day hiking excursion to the Great Sand Dunes National Monument!
  • A Self-Care & Soul Discovery package that includes 2.5 hours of private discovery & coaching (valued at well over $400)!

What’s NOT Included:

** Want to save $$?? ** See the section below on Ways to Save on both lodging AND your retreat cost!

Tentative Schedule for the Weekend:

THURSDAY (5 pm start): Check-in between 3-5 pm, healthy organic vegan dinner at 5:30 pm, welcome & movement meditation gathering with vibrational sound healing, & hot spring soaking!

FRIDAY: Morning yoga/movement session, healthy organic vegan breakfast, healthy organic vegan lunch, 1/2 hiking excursion, free time, healthy organic vegan dinner, evening yoga/movement session, hot spring soaking!

SATURDAY: Morning yoga/movement session, healthy organic vegan breakfast, creative “visual” journaling session (bring art supplies if you desire!), healthy organic vegan lunch, mini hiking excursion, free time, healthy organic vegan dinner, evening fire & purification ceremony, hot spring soaking!

SUNDAY (12 pm finish): Healthy & organic vegan breakfast, room check-out by 10:30 am, morning yoga/movement session & farewell “satsang” gathering from 10:30 am – 12 pm, retreat check-out at 12 pm, & leave feeling relaxed, restored, & renewed!

About Joyful Journey Hot Springs:

To learn more about Joyful Journey Hot Springs visit:

*NOTE* To reserve a room, please contact our event coordinator Marquita Oliver at 719-588-2988!

Registration Details & Reminders:

  • EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT! Register by Friday, 7/1 & receive $50 off!
  • REGISTER EARLY! Registration is limited to 15 participants. Please register early to ensure room placement!
  • Full retreat payment is due to secure registration, unless otherwise agreed upon (call Jess at 720-333-6796 for questions or if a payment plan is needed).
  • Last day to register is Friday, 7/15/2016!

 Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations on or before 7/1/2016 will be refunded the deposit less a $50 cancellation fee!
  • Cancellations after 7/1/2016 will be refunded the deposit less a $100 cancellation fee!

*NOTE: If you’d like to receive a FULL refund, simply find someone else to take your place at our retreat and we’ll refund your deposit in FULL after the new participant has registered and paid!

Ways to Save:

  • EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! Register by Friday, 7/1 & receive $50 off!
  • SHARE A ROOM! Lodging is available on-site to meet any budget & can be easily shared with others to cut down on costs. The following options are available:
    • Camping
    • Teepee (up to 3 people!)
    • Yurts (up to 4 people!)
    • Hotel rooms with private bath (up to 4 people!)
  • SHARE THE LOVE! Refer someone & if they register you’ll receive an additional $20 off either as 1) a discount toward your own registration or 2) a cash payout!

* To download, print & share a .pdf verson of our retreat flyer for sharing with friends & family click here –>  Invigorate Your Spirit!

* To receive your referral discount, please call Jess directly at 720-333-6796 to make payment arrangements instead of registering online.

Payment Options:

Self-Care Retreat Payment Options

**NOTE** If need be, payment plans ARE available. To coordinate payment, please contact your retreat host Jess Bonasso at 720-333-6796.

Additional Information:

For any other questions, please contact Jess Bonasso by 1) phone at 720-333-6796 or 2) email at

What Raving Fans Are Saying About This Retreat!

“I just wanted to say thank you and that all the things I have been taking away from time with you are so beyond valuable to me. I love the feeling of falling in love with myself again and how you call it the “ripple effect” I can already see so many changes in myself and so many smiles on my whole households faces.” ~ Ursula B.

“I am aglow after our weekend. I am actually just very emotional and so thankful for our experience. I love you all!” ~Jamie H.

“It was the most amazing weekend!” ~Jamie K.

“You all are the best ever! I look forward to the next retreat.” ~ Leslie B.

“I’m in awe of each and every one of you extraordinary goddesses. Just wow’d by this weekend. Much love to you!” ~Charmaine S.

“Gratitude for each one of you and the very spiritually inspired retreat! Namaste.” ~ Elaine B.

“It was a mind and body stretching & reawakening! I am so thankful to Jess, Jamie & Charmaine and all the positive energy that was shared by all the beautiful & wise goddesses!!!” ~ Marcia C.

“I was asked by Jess to cater one of her retreats. I accepted the invitation and went on a Journey I had NO idea I was going on. In my mind I was catering, making food for all the guests and worrying about executing all of it. I was asked to talk about the food and what it means to me………

The trigger went off and I found myself reaching into a place I hadn’t been in a really long time, remembering why I love cooking and why I do what I do and love it. From that moment I realized so much in such a small time frame, like seriously a minute for me to realize that I had let a lot of what makes me happy “go”. I was surrounded by women, or as I like to call them goddesses, they nurtured me and loved me and shared and cared and never was there a moment of judgement, which is something I fear.

Over the weekend Jess and Charmaine helped me dig deep and see the beauty that I am and that I am worth making time to self care for myself, because I haven’t in so long. Jess really helped me see that there is no magic to it, that it is ourselves that have the power to basically make or break us in every way you can think of , emotionally, physically, energetically……. she help me see and guide me to my inner self and see that I had so much love in the past for myself and I kind of left her in this crazy dark lonely closet with nothing to survive on, to the point of it effecting everything and everyone around me, I saw the old, real me and I missed her and was so happy to see her and have made a promise to myself to not put her in that closet again but to make sure she is the center of my room. Meaning putting myself as a priority and loving myself. I am literally falling in love with myself again and it’s one of the best feelings along with my family noticing it and making our family so tight net even more than we were before because of me just being open hearted and taking the tools I already had but with the help of Jess learning how to use those tools….. they are powerful.

I beyond LOVE Jess and everything she has helped me with and continues to help me with. She is so magical with her healing ways that only goddesses maintain. I have never walked away from a doctor, therapist, natural healers of all sorts, feeling this great and like a direction to go…… she’s the real deal and the resources and her network of people around her supply everything you need to love yourself……. like really love yourself. I’m not wanting to sound conceited or big headed like oh I love myself but I know it is truly important to love ourselves and make it a daily ritual and practice to not only make ourselves happy but the ripple effect is amazing and beautiful to see and experience. This is only the beginning and I am beyond stoked for this amazing ride I found the road to again!!

Thank You beyond words Jess for what you do and who you are and the light you shine. Namaste” ~ Ursula Blyth

About Your Retreat Facilitators:

Jess Bonasso, otherwise known as The Self Care Goddess. Jess is a Self-Care & Soul Guidance Coach, motivational speaker, author, trainer, registered yoga teacher (RYT), & essential oils enthusiast!

She lives in Lakewood, CO with her amazing man & 2 dogs. She loves cooking, yoga, walking, hiking, & connecting!

Her passion & mission in life is to empower others to LOVE them SELF, their HEALTH, & their LIFE through increased self-awareness, self-care, & self-love!

Areas of expertise include: self care & soul guidance, freedom from self-sabotage, mindset & self-mastery, essential oils empowerment, & restorative/therapeutic yoga instruction. 

To receive daily inspiration you can follow Jess on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube!


ShelleyAs a revolutionary in the art of self-care, Shelley Hunter Hillesheim founded A Nourished Life where she is a self-care coach, published author, inspirational speaker, workshop leader, sisterhood builder and maverick for ambitious, driven women. She rescues depleted overachievers from overwhelm and helps them create the spaciousness and simplicity needed to nourish themselves with sustainable self-care habits.

Learn more about Shelley, her book titled Self-Care 101: A Guide to Nourish & Flourish Team YOU and her programs at and

Connect with her on FACEBOOK to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings, join Shelley’s WILDFIRE Sisterhood Tribe on FB get connected to other amazing women and learn about awesome upcoming self-care and sisterhood related live and virtual events. You can also buy her newly released book SELF-CARE 101 on Amazon!


CharCharmaine Stattman is a registered yoga teacher, massage therapist, and Reiki Master. She has been offering massage and yoga therapy services to the community for over 15 years.

Yoga, energy work and massage therapy has changed her life in so many ways, on both the giving and receiving end.  She works closely with self-care practitioners, chiropractors and athletic sports trainers to increase awareness for herself and her clients. 

Her hobbies include yoga, meditation, hiking, biking, dancing, reading, coloring, laughing, enjoying time with friends and family, and loving her life!

Feel free to visit her website at to learn more.


Ursula Blyth, is owner of her own Vegan & Raw creation catering company called Caterpillar Foods.

She is also a Colorado native, married, has 2 lovely boys and is all about loving ourselves AND our Earth!

Ursula only uses organic and local food sources whenever possible & is a goddess in the kitchen. Not only can she accommodate any food intolerance or sensitivity, but she will make your mouth water & your tummy cry out for more. Guilt free!