Are You Ready to Become Your Very Own Hero?

Does your busy, high-reaching life zap your energy & leave you running on empty more often than not?

Are you struggling with chronic stress & overwhelm trying to cope with life & juggle it all?

OR… maybe you’re just sick & tired of dealing with the irrational fears, unhealthy behaviors, toxic thoughts, & dis-empowering limitations that sabotage your greatness & lead you to burnout!

The good news?

I can help you become your very own hero. 🙂

First of all, I want you to know that I’ve been where you are!

Having experienced burnout as a result of self-sabotage, pain, & trauma during my time in the corporate world AND as an entrepreneur, I know exactly what it feels like to struggle with confidence, feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, & even health issues! I’ve been through it all and learned a LOT along the way about how to be more effective and resilient in both my business AND my life.

As a result of my success in overcoming the self-sabotage, programming, & conditioning that was at the root cause of my burnout, I’ve dedicated my life to empowering other high-reaching super heroes just like you to find your way back to being happy, healthy, harmonious, & whole!

When you work with me, together we will work to help you:

  • Break free of the self-sabotage, pain, & trauma that leads to burnout by resolving at the root level whatever unconsciously causes you to sacrifice your soul, sanity, & health!
  • Learn how to eliminate & prevent the burnout that stresses you out, destroys your focus, & zaps your energy!
  • Re-ignite your greatness so that you can elevate your life & become your very own hero!

Does any of the following apply to you?

If any of the following forms of self-sabotage, pain, or trauma applies to you, I can help you break free!

  • You battle internally with toxic thoughts, fears & insecurities that dis-empower you!
  • You often feel stressed, anxious & overwhelmed by all that you have to do!
  • You over-give, over-work, or over-achieve to the point of self-sacrifice!
  • You are easily distracted & find it difficult to focus your attention!
  • You feel burned out & exhausted from striving to get everything done just “right”!
  • You have unresolved health issues, pain, or illness that just won’t go away!
  • You feel angry, pissed off & triggered more often than you would like!
  • You feel out of balance & deeply challenged by setbacks & mistakes!
  • You’re hard on yourself & others to the point of self-sabotage!
  • You doubt your greatness despite having powerful gifts to share with the world!
  • You feel misunderstood or unappreciated by people in your life!
  • You feel alone & unsupported with all that you have to do!
  • You battle with sadness or depression that leaves you burned out & miserable at the end of each day!
  • You struggle with bitterness & resentment because there’s never enough time to take care of YOU!
  • You’re dealing with trauma from the past that still affects & haunts you in the present!
  • You suffer from a deep-seated lack of fulfillment that sucks the radiance right out of your soul!

Imagine… What would it be like if you could not only understand but truly address the root cause (vs. the symptoms) of any limitation holding you back?

And what would it be like if you could feel more relaxed, healthy, & joyful about life instead of living with pain, stress and unhappiness?

Would you like to elevate your life & be your own hero so you can more easily elevate the lives of others without sacrificing your soul, sanity, or health?

If you’re sick of the struggle & forcing your way through life, it’s time to step into your hero greatness!

Can I be honest with you? Here’s the deal, dear one.

If you’ve been moving through life in a way that limited, drains your energy & requires FAR too much effort, you’re burned out & out of balance.

The Problem

The root cause of why many of us in this fast-paced busy world that we live in are struggling is usually a result of one of 2 ways of “being” in the world:

  1. Human Animal: the innate, biological, & instinctual ways we deal with life (i.e. fight, flight, freeze, biological compulsions to nurture/provide, & even differences in the way we focus our attention).
  2. Human Ego: the programming & conditioning (i.e. our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, & ego patterns) that we’ve learned from our family, friends, & society from the moment we were born until now!

Sadly, most of us aren’t even aware that our biological instincts & conditioning drive us so heavily because if it’s unconscious that means we don’t know about it!

And you can’t fix a problem if you don’t know about it, right?

That’s why unconscious instincts, programming & conditioning often leads to SELF-SABOTAGE and ultimately… to BURNOUT.

For example, in this fast-paced, success-driven world that we live in most of us have learned & been conditioned to operate heavily in our masculine energy (strong, independent, logical, analytical, competitive, task-oriented, goal-oriented, action-oriented, etc…).

As a result, a large majority of both men & women have lost their connection to their innate feminine power (intuition, creativity, being in the flow, manifestation, intention, etc…) that allows us to create change in our life with far greater ease & grace. Sadly, men & women have become “over-masculinized” through cultural & social conditioning that has us feeling more pressured than ever before & scrambling to control everything that happens in our life!

Does this give you a better idea of WHY burnout & self-sabotage is happening in your life? Probably.

In addition to this, men & women are also taking on more responsibility than ever before.

Historically speaking & even still today, women have a greater responsibility than men for care-taking on the home front. If you add working 30-50 hours a week on top of all this, it plays a large role in why over 75% of women in the workforce are dealing with stress (with only 45% actually doing something to resolve it!) & feeling so burned out, stressed & exhausted! There’s simply no time at the end of each day to fill up their energy tanks.

Men are also taking on more responsibility now at home than ever before, while at the same time feeling extreme pressure to continue working “hard” so they can provide for themselves & their families! This added pressure makes it difficult for men to focus on their goals & less likely for them to have the time they need to refuel & recharge their own energy, focus, & attention so they can be the hero they desire to be.

Can you see what I mean about what the unconscious conditioning & saboteurs is costing us?? Hopefully.

And on top of all this, if you add into the mix any limiting beliefs, unhealthy behaviors, toxic thoughts, or emotional triggers that you’ve been conditioned with over the years it’s easy to see how we unconsciously limit our greatness!

The Solution

Again, I want you to imagine… What it would be like to feel greater calm & ease in your life, especially when faced with a challenge?

What would it be like if you knew how to restore your energy & keep yourself stress free?

The only way to resolve the unconscious programming & conditioning that holds you back is to decide once & for all that you’re ready to become your very own hero.

Are you ready to stop being the victim to what life brings your way & start taking ownership for the life you want to create?

Are you ready to elevate your life?

The solution for becoming your very own hero & to breaking free from the Human Animal & Human Ego patterns that limit your greatness are the following 3 keys:

  • Radical self-discovery to awaken your hero greatness from the INSIDE out!
  • Radiant self-care to help you reclaim your hero confidence & power!
  • Embodied self-mastery to help you step into & embody your hero greatness!

In other words, it’s about learning how to live from & embody Human Spirit which will allow you to experience FAR greater love, courage, joy, compassion, empathy, peace, harmony & forgiveness in your life… from the INSIDE out!

Are you ready to experience & feel energized by a life filled with greater joy, ease, & grace?

Does harmony, health, & happiness sound like something you crave & desire??

If yes, then here are just a few of the many benefits you’ll receive by working with me!

  • Heal old wounds & suffering by addressing the root cause of any saboteur or limitation holding you back!
  • Resolve ongoing health concerns that limit your greatness!
  • Experience radical forgiveness of the past, yourself, AND others!
  • Re-train your body, mind, & soul for greater harmony, health, & happiness!
  • Gain gratitude & wisdom from challenges, setbacks, & mistakes!
  • Connect to your deepest passions & desires for greatness!
  • Radically transform areas of life that need to be changed!
  • Re-ignite your hero essence in a loving, softer, more compassionate way!
  • Love, embrace & accept all parts of yourself!
  • Raise your vibration & frequency so you can manifest abundance with ease & grace!
  • Experience peace & harmony from the inside out!
  • Consciously communicate & connect with yourself & others!
  • Embody your truth with genuine confidence & authenticity!
  • Tap into the greater joy & juiciness that life has to offer!

Life can be SO rich & juicy when you know who you really are & can truly love yourself, your health, & your life! 🙂

I believe I have the tools & experience to help you break free of the self-sabotage, pain & trauma that binds you so you can into your hero greatness.

AND, if any of what I’ve described here is you deeply desire, I hope you say YES to one of the gifts that I’d like to offer you below. 🙂

My Invitation to You

If you’re interested in learning more, I want to extend an invitation for you to take advantage of the following complimentary gifts!

GIFT #1: A Complimentary Self-Care Toolkit

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My Goddess Guidance Newsletter will not only give you tidbits of wisdom & expertise to help you re-ignite your greatness & reinvent success, but you’ll also be kept in the loop on classes, burnout recovery workshops, immersions, & self-care retreats!

AND, with the Self-Care Toolkit that you’ll receive the following valuable gifts:

  • A Self-Care Assessment Wheel to give you clarity on how balanced (or unbalanced!) each area of your life might be & to determine what you really desire in each area so that you have a road map for self-care success!
  • A healing meditation for stress, overwhelm, & exhaustion to use whenever you need to calm your nerves, provide mental relief, or re-energize your body!
  • 108 Ways to Practice Self-Care  to give you ideas on ways to incorporate more self-care, self-renewal, self-mastery, & self-love into YOUR life!
  • 9 Ways to Say YES! to YOU!  to help you become a bad-ass at setting boundaries (in a way that honors ALL involved!) so that you can have more time for YOU!

GIFT #2: A *COMPLIMENTARY* Discovery Consult

If you’re ready to explore what becoming your very own hero looks like, the next step is to schedule a complimentary 60-minute Discovery Consult with me (where I can hear your story & share with you how I can best be of service).

To take advantage of this, you’ll need to complete an application first & then you will be sent to my online scheduling system to find a time that’s right for you.

To get started, simply click on the Apply Now button below:


I look forward to our connection! 🙂

In gratitude,

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P.P.S. I want you to know that I truly understand what it’s like to struggle creating a life that you really can LOVE! For over 13 ½ years I operated heavily in my masculine energy while working in the corporate world & even continued that as I created & founded my soul-centered business helping beautiful women just like you break free from burnout & re-ignite their radiance! To learn more about my experience & personal story of transformation along with how I overcame obstacles to step into my “goddess” greatness, click HERE!