Are you in need of a burnout rescue?

If you or someone you know is running on empty, stressed out, overwhelmed, or deeply unhappy with their life, I can help!

My name is Jess Bonasso, also known as The Self Care Goddess & I’m a burnout & trauma rescue coach, author, keynote speaker, & certified practitioner of The Journey Method™ a highly effective form of cellular memory release therapy that has the power to heal your life.

For close to 11 years now, I’ve helped hundreds of high-performing women (& men too!) who’ve struggled with varying forms of burnout & trauma, from entrepreneurs just starting out in business to well-established business owners & professionals ready to take it to the next level, learn how to rescue themselves from the conditions, internal barriers, & underlying root cause of their burnout & trauma so they can live in freedom & love their self, health, & life again. 🙂

All of this & more through the therapeutic & transformational coaching, programs, workshops, & retreats that I offer!

To help you jump-start your own burnout rescue my 3-step invitation to you is as follows:

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Here’s to rescuing yourself from burnout! 🙂