The Art of Self-Renewal

How to Avoid & Break Free from Burnout in Business!

Are you a high-reaching woman who works HARD for your success?

Does over-achieving ever drain you of energy, destroy your joy, or zap your radiance?

At this upcoming event for women in business, we will explore:

  • What burnout is & how it might be showing up for YOU in your business or your life!
  • How to prevent or eliminate burnout if it’s happening to you or a loved one!
  • What you MUST prioritize & master so that you can reinvent success without sacrificing your soul, sanity, or health!

If any of the above applies to YOU or you just want to learn how prevent all of this in business, register TODAY!

12 – 2 pm

5350 S. Roslyn St #240

Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Pre-Payment & Registration IS Required!

The Art of Self-Renewal Workshop

*NOTE: If for some reason you cannot attend after registering, you may pay your registration forward to a friend to attend OR you may apply the $10 you paid as a credit toward a future workshop or service. To do either, simply contact Jess at


Jess Bonasso, otherwise known as The Self Care Goddess, is a Self-Renewal coach, speaker, trainer, & expert who helps high-reaching, high-achieving women break free from burnout & discover how to reinvent success without sacrificing their soul, sanity, or health!

Having financially made her way up the corporate ladder to well over 6-figures after a 13 year career & running her own business since 2007, Jess is no stranger to success. Unfortunately, her definition of success for a long time was so focused on making money through “hard work” that it caused her to fall out of balance & lead her to burnout in both her corporate career AND as a solo entrepreneur.

Because she didn’t fully understand then the unique challenges that career-driven women face, she experienced periods of long-standing stress, exhaustion, pain, ill health, & feelings of unhappiness that zapped her radiance, destroyed her joy, & sabotaged her success!

Not only does she now understand personally what it feels like to be run-down & depleted by all the day-to-day tasks, responsibilities, & obligations that are unique to career-driven women but she now knows how to prevent & break free from the burnout that plagued her in the past.

As a result of her personal challenges, Jess is deeply passionate about self-empowerment & her heart’s deepest desire is to share the simple, real-world strategies she’s learned with women around the world to help them go from burnout to bliss in both their personal AND professional life!

To help in this endeavor, she now shares her successes, insight & wisdom gained through private coaching, motivational speaking, group coaching & training programs, & transformational retreats.