About Jess

Hello there, beautiful one! 🙂

Are you or someone you know struggling with burnout in life?

Typically burnout begins as chronic stress, overwhelm, or exhaustion but it can eventually lead to physical or emotional health issues that if left unchecked can become dire in nature & lead to extreme unhappiness!

How do I know? Because I’ve been there, my love. 🙂

My name is Jess Bonasso & I’m a burnout rescue coach, author, keynote speaker, & creator of the Burnout Rescue! a proven 5-part process for empowering burned out women to break free from the self-sabotage & trauma that leads to burnout & breakdown so they can LOVE themselves, THRIVE in life & SHINE their light!

I’m also an accredited practitioner of The Journey Method® a highly effective form of cellular memory release therapy that has the power to resolve the root cause of burnout, pain, or self-sabotage… at a cellular level.

Fortunately, I’m so blessed to say that I’ve been able to resolve much of my own trauma, pain, burnout, & self-sabotage over the last 20 years! I’ve also learned a great deal about mastering the art of self-care (something that’s very vital for a woman to learn!), which has led me to become known fondly by my friends & clients over the years as the Self Care Goddess. 🙂

For close to 11 years now, I’ve helped hundreds of burned out women (& lots of men too!), from stay-at-home moms to well-established business owners & professionals struggling to take their business to the next level through therapeutic cellular healing sessions, transformational coaching, online training, group mentorship, & the life-changing retreats that I offer.


For example, take Ursula, a stay-at-home mom & part-time caterer. She was a hard-working wife & mother to 2 young boys who was over-giving to everyone in her life in a way that was not only causing her to feel chronically bitter, stressed out, overwhelmed & exhausted, it was also affecting her health, her ability to gain traction in her part-time business & ultimately it was affecting her self-esteem & the amount of money she could make & bring in to support her husband.

After coming to my transformational 3 day self-care retreat, she walked away with the tools, empowerment, & awareness she needed to set better boundaries in her life & was finally able to ask for the support she really needed from her family so she could create more time for her & her business. This is ultimately what allowed her to take back control of her health, improve her productivity, & recommit to her love of cooking as a caterer!

On the other end of the spectrum, I also worked with Julie, a corporate professional who had worked in a high-pressure sales environment for years & was deeply unhappy at work because of an extremely toxic work environment & unsure of what direction to take her career in next. She was struggling with chronic fatigue, depression, & digestive issues that made it difficult to eat without extreme pain & discomfort & felt stuck because she didn’t know the next logical step to take next in her career. Needless to say, all of the joy she had previously had for life was being zapped by her toxic work conditions & internal barriers that were leading her not only to burnout, but also to physical dis-ease.

In just 3 short months of working with me, she had reclaimed her energy, greatly improved her digestive issues & gained the strength & courage to apply & get hired for a job with a new company that took her career in a new direction & drastically improved her quality of life!

As you can see, by discovering the self-sabotaging conditions, internal barriers, & underlying root cause of their pain & problems, they were both able to take the clear & concise action that was necessary to rescue themselves from the burnout that had previously plagued them in the past.


Jess Dushane

Obviously these results speak for themselves but the REAL reason I know I can help burned out women in business break free from burnout is from my own personal experience with burnout, not just once but several times in both my high-reaching corporate career & as a heart-centered business owner for the past 11 years.

You see… for the first 30 years of my life I literally had no idea of what it meant to be in my feminine energy & radiance, much less feel truly confident & able to stand in my power without sacrificing my soul, sanity or health.

Raised by a single father for the first 10 years of my life, I spent much of my childhood without a supportive mother figure in my life & lived in extreme poverty conditions with no running water or electricity.

The concept of self-care was completely foreign to me as a kid & unfortunately, my dad was a recovering alcoholic with problems of his own. He certainly didn’t know how to teach me the importance of self-care or how to be an empowered young woman! In fact, because of the poverty & the struggle I grew up believing that success = money, which led me to believe that life was HARD & that I would have to work HARD for everything that came to me.

Although this belief led me to be a very successful both in school, college & the first 10 years of my career, I was operating strongly in masculine “warrior” mode… something that led me to success but also led me to sacrifice my soul, sanity, & health in my career!

I had NO idea then that my trauma, pain, & self-sabotage from the early part of my life would lead me to burnout & that learning the art of self-care would be what finally allowed me to love myself, thrive in life, & truly shine my light!

Because I didn’t know what I didn’t know at the time, I worked HARD for 13 ½ years in that heavy, masculine energy as a senior manager of an IT development group, working my way up the corporate ladder in a high-pressure career path that had me working 50-60 hours a week with no time left to take care of me. Ultimately, it was this that led to a whole host of physical & emotional health issues related to burnout!

Not knowing the root cause of my problem at the time, I struggled for close to 10 years with exhaustion, toxic negativity & self-talk, over 40 lbs of weight gain, chronic stress & anxiety, depression, anger management issues, debilitating low back pain & extreme job dissatisfaction. I was miserable & blamed everything outside of myself for my pain & suffering!

My relationship with others also suffered, leaving me feeling desperate, hopeless & alone in my struggles & led me to the realization that the only way it was going to get better was to become my very own hero.

In my search for a solution to the pain that I was in, I was synchronistically introduced to The Journey Method® which resulted in profound cellular memory healing that helped me break free of the toxic emotions, negative self-talk, 40 lbs of added weight that I’d gained, & freedom from the debilitating low back pain that had plagued me for years.

It also led me to a spiritual awakening, where I realized that 1) learning the art of self-recovery & self-renewal is what would rescue me, 2) learning the art of self-commitment, self-accountability, & self-mastery is what would set me free, & 3) that I needed to pursue a career path that would allow me to be of service to others in a very big way & bring me joy.

As a result, I left the corporate world in 2009 to create a heart-centered business of my own that revolved around this new awareness & level of commitment!

Thinking this new direction would give me greater freedom & flexibility to take care of ME, wearing all the hats of the business owner soon caused me to experience burnout AGAIN, this time in the form of chronic overwhelm, avoidance behaviors, an inability to stay focused, crippling self-doubt, a compromised nervous system & thyroid dysfunction.

With a renewed commitment to myself once again, I vowed then that I would break free from this self-sabotaging pattern of burnout once & for all!

As a result, I became more diligent & intentional with my time, my focus, & my energy & discovered a simple, repeatable path to greatness that works really well for both myself AND with my clients!

I now live a life that I absolutely LOVE today, where I am finally free of the physical & emotional health issues that made me feel like I was sacrificing my soul, sanity, & health in the past.

With a daily self-care practice, a healthy diet & a focused, active lifestyle I am extremely blessed with far greater happiness, time, & freedom than ever before. I also have FAR greater effectiveness, efficiency & success in my business than I ever thought possible & the best part?

When challenges do arise (which they do!), I’m now able to easily course-correct & recover because I’ve learned over the years how to rescue myself from burnout & how to be more resilient when obstacles arise without sacrificing my soul, sanity, or health!

As a result, I’m much more focused & deliberate in everything that I create in life. I also have access to a much deeper well of feminine energy & radiance than ever before & I feel truly confident & am able stand in my power from a place of authenticity now.

Not only have I awakened a more grounded & feminine goddess energy from within, but I’ve also realized that this goddess energy is available to anyone IF they are willing to take the first step & awaken from within.

AND, I am supremely grateful to be in a position where I can now empower other burned out women with the tools, knowledge, & wisdom to break free from the trauma & self-sabotage that leads to burnout so they can love their self, thrive in life & shine their light!

Are you in need of a burnout rescue?

Take a moment to watch the video below to see what might be at the root cause of any burnout or trauma that plagues you & to see if working with me could be of benefit to you!

If you are someone you know is struggling with burnout, you can take the first step toward freedom in one of two ways:

  1. Jump-start your own burnout rescue by downloading my *COMPLIMENTARY* Burnout Rescue Survival Guide + Assessment available here on my website by entering your name & email address in the toolbar to the right.
  2. Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Burnout Rescue Assessment Consultation with me (where I can hear your story & share with you how I can best be of service) by clicking on the button below!

Personal Experience, Wisdom & Expertise

Jess believes that one’s personal life experiences can provide substantial expertise & value to others, especially when the lessons and personal growth & wisdom that are gained are a result of having overcome one’s challenges.

To help you understand where her personal experience has come from, here are just a few examples of cellular trauma & saboteurs that she has faced & been able to overcome in her life:

  • Childhood trauma → poverty conditions, alcoholic parent, lack of parental support, single parent, & school torture/bullying
  • Physical trauma → PTSDchronic stress/overwhelm/burnout, 40 lbs overweight, lack of consistent & regular exercise, chronic back pain, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, chronic body tension, digestive issues, poor diet, thyroid dysfunction
  • Emotional trauma → depression, anxiety, irritability/anger management, hyper-fearful, doubt-ridden
  • Mental trauma → poor self-esteem, low self-worth, worried about the past/present/future, blame/victim mentality, lack/scarcity mentality
  • Relationship trauma → fear of abandonment/unworthiness, divorce, inability to speak my truth, unhealthy communication with close friends & family, difficulty getting along with co-workers, inability & discomfort speaking one’s truth
  • Financial trauma → poverty conditions, lack/scarcity/poverty mentality, lack of belief that I am supported/provided for, poor spending habits, poor money management
  • Spiritual trauma → lack of passion/purpose, disconnected from my higher self/higher power/intuition, no contribution to others (i.e. through volunteer work or donations), no enjoyment of personal hobbies/interests, feeling stuck & disconnected

Much of the work that Jess does with clients has the power to release & heal cellular trauma & saboteurs like the ones listed above at a cellular level using a very powerful form of cellular release therapy called The Journey Method®.

Trained as an accredited Journey Practitioner in 2007, she has been using this powerful work with clients ever since. To learn more about the powerful & healing benefits of The Journey Method AND Jess’s personal healing & spiritual journey with this work, click HERE !

As a result of learning how to overcome her own challenges with burnout, Jess has discovered a proven process that empowers women & has been offering insight & expertise on self-discovery, self-care, & self-mastery since 2007 in the following areas:

  • Burnout Prevention & Recovery
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Cellular Memory Healing
  • Resiliency & Self-Care Empowerment
  • Lifestyle Re-Design
  • Physical & Emotional Healing
  • Freedom from Self-Sabotage
  • Mindset Programming & Re-Conditioning
  • Soulful Self-Mastery
  • Passion & Purpose Discovery
  • Prosperity Acceleration

Training & Certification

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Minor in Psychology
  • Masters in Computer Information Systems/Certificate in Database Management
  • Journey Practitioner’s Accreditation Program (www.TheJourneyUSA.com)
  • Path of the Hero Coach Training Program (www.Bridge2Bliss.com)
  • Peak Potentials Quantum Leap Training Program (www.peakpotentials.com)
  • 220-hour Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification (Yoga Alliance approved)
  • Reiki Level I, II, & III Master
  • Kundalini Reiki Master

Interview with Jess

Want to learn how more about how Jess can help YOU…?!

The following Interview with Jess will provide details to the most frequently-asked questions!

Q: How did you come to be known as The Self Care Goddess…?

A: For most of my life, I’d managed my day-to-day activities in heavy “masculine” or “warrior” energy mode – being driven, action-oriented, goal-oriented, & task-oriented. I was definitely a “hard” worker which created success in my life but ultimately burned me out!

As a child, I actually raised myself at times when support was not readily available, lived on my own most of my senior year in high school, put myself through college by working part & full-time while I got my Bachelor & Master’s degrees, &worked in the corporate world for 13 1/2 years where I made over 6-figures, & managed all the hats of the business owner for more than 11 years in my own heart-centered business since 2007. For a good portion of that time, the pace was fast and expectations were high!

It wasn’t until I had challenges with my physical & emotional health in the corporate world that I realized that I wasn’t taking care of myself & I was introduced to the concept of “feminine” or “goddess” energy & I realized that I needed to learn & incorporate qualities such as self-nurturing, following my intuition, going with the flow, tapping into my passions & creativity, etc… had been missing for so long!

For me, the The Self Care Goddess is not ME necessarily but rather a representation of the beautiful feminine goddess warrior that I wish to become. Intuitively, I know that this is where my greatest joy, happiness, & success will come from! It’s also something I believe any woman can become IF she’s willing to take the first step & awaken from within.

So who is a Self Care Goddess? She is a woman who has rescued herself & become her very own hero. She’s learned how to overcome the obstacles in her life by learning how to successfully manage, balance, & operate with BOTH the masculine & feminine qualities in place. She is strong & resilient. She is kind & gentle. She is vulnerable & courageous. She is honest, authentic, genuine, & REAL. She loves herself deeply & shares that love with others easily. She is assertive, graceful & calm. She is passionate & creative.

In essence, The Self Care Goddess has become a daily spiritual practice for me to BE & live in alignment with as much as possible & it’s what I aspire to teach others. 🙂

Q: Are sessions done by phone or in person?

A: All the services I offer are done either by phone or video conference & are recorded for your convenience! In rare cases, clients who are in the local vicinity of Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, or Ft. Collins may choose to do work in person, which can be accommodated for an additional charge.

Q: What are your favorite kind of clients to work with?

A. In general, the women I can help the most are those who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • ambitious, high-reaching leaders in business dealing with great pressure to succeed in their career but who struggle to juggle their personal & professional life to the point of burnout & self-sabotage!
  • over-achieving career professionals, service-providers, or care-giverswho are running on empty, stressed out, overwhelmed, or unhappy with their personal or professional life!
  • over-giving & over-busy entrepreneurs, coaches, or healers service-providers wearing all the hats of the business owner & with little to no time available to take care of themselves!
  • stay-at-home moms are so busy managing the home & taking care of their families that they have little to no time available for themselves!

Regardless of where these women come from, they will usually be able to answer YES! to one or more of the following questions:

  • Do you often feel stressed & overwhelmed by all that you have to do?
  • Are you tired of over-giving to the point of self-sacrifice?
  • Do you often feel exhausted by trying to get everything done just “right”?
  • Are you experiencing physical or emotional discomfort in your body due to a lack of self-care?
  • Do you feel out of balance & deeply challenged by setbacks & mistakes?
  • Are you super hard on yourself & others to the point of sabotage?
  • Do you doubt your greatness despite having a powerful message or gift to share with the world?
  • Are you feeling misunderstood or unappreciated by people in your life?
  • Do you feel alone & unsupported with all that you have to do?
  • Are you struggling with anxiety or depression that leaves you feeling burned out & miserable at the end of the day?
  • Are you struggling with feelings of bitterness & resentment because there’s never enough time to take care of YOU?
  • Do you feel a deep-seated lack of fulfillment that sucks the radiance right out of your soul?

And the clients that I prefer to work with the MOST? 🙂

Put simply, it’s the clients who are TRULY ready to take back control of their outlook & their life & who possess the following additional qualities:

  • Open-minded & curious about themselves & about life
  • Willing to learn from their mistakes & grow exponentially
  • Possess a high-level of belief in themselves & what’s possible
  • Willing to take consistent & deliberate action over a period of time
  • Fully committed to the process & to themselves
  • Willing to ask for support