Re-Ignite Your Radiance! A Self-Care Immersion for the Soul Are you high-reaching super woman who feels  stressed, overwhelmed, or exhausted? Imagine what it will feel like during the busy summer months! With all the hustle & bustle of the season, you might feel drained, stretched thin, & in need of some extreme self-care. 🙂 During this FULL day… [Continue Reading]

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Essential Oils Empowerment

Are you interested in a all-natural approach to your health-care that’s not only safe & non-toxic but also EFFECTIVE?  Do you ever feel frustrated because you have to rely on someone else to take care of you & your family’s health? Do you ever wish you had the power to address health issues for both… [Continue Reading]

Are you ready to break free of suffering & self-sabotage? Do you want to experience MORE happiness, health, freedom, & success out of life but can’t because of obstacles that sabotage your success? Would you like to break free of burnout, limitation & self-sabotage?  Are you finally ready to truly LOVE & HEAL your life?!… [Continue Reading]

Self-Care Coaching, Guidance, & Support

How many times have you tried to make the most out of life but for some reason you just couldn’t seem to accomplish what you desire?  Have you ever been blown off course by feelings, urges, and circumstances that prevent you from living a life that you LOVE? Are there areas of your life NOT… [Continue Reading]

Are you ready to re-ignite your greatness & elevate your life??

Jess Bonasso, also known as The Self Care Goddess, is a burnout recovery expert, coach, author, & professional speaker who helps modern-day, high-reaching super heroes “struggling to juggle” it all break free from sabotage that leads to burnout, re-ignite their greatness, & elevate their life without sacrificing their soul, sanity, or health! Having experienced sabotage & burnout many… [Continue Reading]